Gift Baskets

Italian Gift Baskets
Designed by the Princepessa Sirena
Custom designed to fit any occasion these unique gift baskets provide a special gourmet touch.

Give the flavor of J. DeFranco and Daughters Catering in a beautifully wrapped basket or bowl.

Gift baskets are designed for any occasion and each include a brief history of the world renowned J. DeFranco and Daughters Catering. Baskets are personalized with colorful bows and ribbons and are packaged to maximize contents while retaining elegance.
Bring your choice of wine, spirits, or unique gift to personalize your basket.
Special Occasion cards can be included in any basket.

Prices begin at $50.00 and vary on design and contents.
Applicable tax and delivery fees will apply.

Basket Gift Themes Include but are NOT Limited:

Outline of Basic Basket Prices:

To get the exact price of your basket you must speak with one of our basket designers to provide full detail

  • Bronze Gift Basket $50
  • Silver Gift Basket $75
  • Gold Gift Basket $100
  • Platinum Gift Basket $150

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